Artist Statement

I am Alakananda Mukerji, and I grew up on the River Ganges.  I have long since left the narrow streets of Benaras where life is awash in a flood of color and a constant stream of souls.  Yet however so far I may find myself from those ancient riverbanks, my memory, my art, and indeed my very being — these are forever caught up in the notion of endless, sacred flow.

People and faces, the surge of sounds, the unfathomably old commingling with the untarnishedly new — all the rhythms and rhymes of India: this is the wellspring of who I am.  I flow from this source, but I have become the river — changing, evolving, flowing.  And what flows from me, my painting, it is often a conversation between the me that was and the me that is becoming.  Memories, media, materials — bits of canvas, pieces of the past — anything I can get hold of: this is my art.  I am the medium.  I am the flow.

The subtle tones of Europe, and the soaring spirit of America: these flow in me too, for in these places I was also educated, alongside rivers with strange-sounding names like the Aliákmonas, the Thames, and the Mississippi.  These are part of me now and I am part of them.  And I am changed, though my wellspring stays the same. For I am a river, and a river is process.  Art is process.  Life is process.

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